Excellent modular KORG effects. I have 4 boards and the following effects:

Analog Delay, Chorus, Overdrive , Compressor, Graphic Eq, Digital Chorus, Digital Delay, Distorton, Flanger, Noise gate, Dist Wah (with original packing), Phaser, Octave V, External Selector

Finally found the Wave Shaper and the Filler Box – so a complete collection with all 16 pedals in 4 boards 🙂

There were 16 modules in this series:

Korg KAD-301 Analog Delay
Korg KCH-301 Analog Stereo Chorus
Korg KCO-101 Compressor
Korg KDC-601 Digital Chorus
Korg KDD-501 Digital Delay
Korg KDI-101 Distortion
Korg KDW-301 Dist Wah
Korg KES-101 External Selector
Korg KFB-001 Filler Box
Korg KFL-401 Flanger
Korg KGE-201 Graphic EQ
Korg KNG-101 Noise Gate
Korg KOD-101 Overdrive
Korg KOT-401 Octave V
Korg KPH-401 Phaser
Korg KWS-301 Wave Shaper

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2 Responses to KORG PME-40X

  1. matthew says:

    hi are any of the modules for sale? particularly interested in the Octave V